March Adventure presents HSINCHU CITY ZOO

As for this month’s adventure, last March 19, I went to Hsinchu City Zoo together with my two girl friend. Some of our friends asked us, “why zoo & not to the other beautiful spots here?” I said, we just wanted to visit your sibling there.

Well, actually I really wanted to go to the zoo, because i’d never been to that place since I was kid. And one of my frustration is to saw a real penguin, [yes penguin, walang kealaman]. I chose Hsinchu Zoo, because aside from a not to far from the city & a $NT10 required as entrance fee, this is the oldest zoo here in Taiwan. It is also one of the most popular visitor sites in Hsinchu City, receiving about 300,000 visitors a year. There are currently plans underway to integrate the zoo and park areas to create a Hsinchu Zoo Park, expanding the zoo from its current 2.7 hectares to 5.4 hectares.

The zoo is currently home to over 300 animals of about 100 species, including hippos, ostriches, orangutans, Bengal tigers and Malay bears. There are over 70 animals of 23 protected species, including animals that were abandoned or confiscated. In line with international conservation trends and the protection of animal rights, the zoo has also been enhancing efforts in its major mission areas of conservation, education, and research, as well as improving the recreational functions of the zoo.

My frustration to saw a penguin is still a frustration until now, because there is no penguin on that zoo but then at the end of the day of a long hour of walking and after feasting your eyes to different animals inside that animalandia you may came to realize that we are so bless to see this kind of this animals of different species before it become ‘extinct’.



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UnAng PutOk sA WoRdPrEsS!!!

Dear WordPress,

Since I am new here, I would like to introduced meh’ self. I am T-Rex and I am…

1. An Engineer from a company overseas that experiencing global recession.

2. A half Filipino, 1/4 mangyan, 1/8 bisaya & 1/64 chinese from the province known as ‘the Cradle of Noble Heroes’.

3. An engineering graduate from the school where Rene Requestas studied his High School.

4. Worked at a fastfood chain somewhere in Chinatown.

5. Class President nung 2nd year High School then naulit nung 3rd year college at nagrepresent  ng section sa overall ECE org election.

6. Mahilig mag-aral nung college pero muntik ng makick-out.

7. A choir member pero boses palaka.

8. Nagtrabaho sa isang International Freight Forwarding Company sa Paranaque for a week then to a Pharmaceutical Company[na ngayon ay Zuellig na] as a Technician, 3 days after.

9. Nag-volunter, as watcher & PPCRV field personnel [kakatakot ang experience na to] sa mga barangay, local & national elections.

10. Nagjaywalking noong college along Ayala Blvd sa tapat ng Normal U at pinakanta ni manong MMDA ng bayang magiliw.

11. Nagtrip magshoplift sa Masagana sa may Kalaw [wala na ngayon], pero di natuloy kasi iniwan ng mga kaklase.

12. Mga kanta ng Hillsong ang pampatulog kapag wala ng wine.

13. Turn-off sa mga may pustiso.

14. Paborito ang Math nung High School pero nanawa nung college.[kase may quantum physics]

15. Umiyak ng magpatanggal ng Appendix ang nanay. [ayaw ko kase ng may nasa ospital ang miyembro ng pamilya]

16. Kumain ng balot kahit allergic dito. [tigas ulo kasi, tigas titi pa]

17. Ayaw sa ahas, mahilig sa tahong.

18. Nagkagelpren ng seryoso sa edad na bente sais, pero hindi rin nagkatuluyan.

19. Nakipagsapalaran sa bansa nina Dao Ming Hsu at San Chai noong 20**.

20. May account sa Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Formspring, Friendster, Blogspot, Webs, Fakebook, Fuckbook, Bookbook [joke lang sa 3 huli] at ngayon ay nagkukunwaring may maisusulat sa WordPress.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale-

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